I arrived in Cancun on December 15,2014. I stayed there till the end of March 2015.

Cancun was nothing like Vallarta where I previously lived. 

It is very Americanized and beside that, anything is spread out.

There isn’t a real boardwalk that you can enjoy and the majority of people there want just party hard.

I had my own little condo, near my friends so I could walk easily there.

As any State in Mexico , there is dirt anywhere. Once you are outside of the 

Fairytale Resort

It is when you see   The real Mexico . Regardless all of that, I still love that country!


It is like living life 100 years ago. People don’t care about what you wear or not to wear.

I enjoy the little markets with fresh foods and especially fruits!

Unfortunately the weather in Cancun is tropical, so, it rain all the time. Almost everyday!

Those two adorable Mexican women were there, in the same spot, every morning, making orange juices with

their hands. They have no idea what is a blender , what is hi speed internet, what is AC or heat.

You don’t really need a car in Mexico because you can take the little combi for 5 or 8 pesos or

even better, you can walk anywhere! That was the best part of my second time living in Mexico.

I knew spanish but I learnt even more.

You always need cash in Mexico… Credit cards? What are those? Taxi don’t even have a GPS !

You need to tell the taxi driver… Near a church or a market etc… You can’t name a street because it is 

difficult to find the name of a street.

Ordering online ? Oh gosh ! You will never get the mail.

All this things…and even so I would move there again in an heart bit !