While i was Living in Cancun , i Took a trip to The USA , to Nashville and the Smokey Mountains. I heard so many things about the Wilderness Resort that I decide to take a break from paradise.

My trip started when I landed in Nashville. I had a friend there and stayed there for a few days. That was my First experience of a winter since 2012 !!! I knew the city already but we went around a little while I was just happy to play with his dog… A Siberian Husky !!!! How cool!

Unfortunately when you live in Mexico you really don’t need winter clothes and once I got to Nashville I didn’t have any! I was missing the Summer by the first day!

…. And finally here we go! My friend and I took off for the Smokey Mountains. I was glad to have heat in the car since I had skirts..but not stockings! I had flip flops and summer clothes! 

Once we arrived in we settled into the Resort. I was just looking around, wondering why that particular resort owned by Wyndham was so famous.

The Condo was spectacular ! We had two big bedrooms, two big bathrooms, a washer and dryer. The kitchen was bigger then mine and both the living room and the dining room comfortable. It wasn’t cold at all like some hotel rooms…Afterall that is the difference between a Resort and a Hotel.

The Day After  we went to explore the city! Poor me…in the middle of the winter with summer clothes!

The First Thing that captured my attention was the upsidedown building! I didn’t go inside because my friend was driving and he wanted to explore more of the city. I thought I was the tourist!

I kept looking at the building until it faded away from my eyes. I wish I could have gone inside…

Walking around the Smokey Mountains it was very pleasant. It is a lovely , Turistic trap…I mean place. It has a lot of touristic attractions but for people like me, that live in a similar city it wasn’t that big of a deal. I was still pretty impressed. I liked the attractions and how nice the people were.


We also went to visit a wooden mall  that was so Carachteristic and perfect for that city. By walking around we found a little place in which they had the AQUA MASSAGE. I never tried one and I decided to start that massage adventure !

An aqua massage machine looks similar to a tanning bed. All I needed to do for it , removoving my shoes (no need to undress like a normal massage ). After my shoes were mremoved I layed down on the bed of the aqua massage machine. They gave me  headphones to listen to relaxing music during my massage. The cover of the machine came down covering me. Then a bar with 36 water jets was  traveling from my  toes to my  neck and back again and again for the duration of my  massage. I didn’t  get wet in an aqua massage machine because there was a barrier between me and the water. Pretty cool!


Of course my trip didn’t end there… After a relaxing massage we went in the indoor ice skating 


We grabbed something to eat and then we went up in the mountains and it was a delightful experience to be able to see anything from the sky.

Finally… After tourist shopping, pop corn tasting, laughing and much more we made it back to the Wilderness Resort and I was ready to discover their water park !!!!


I had so much fun! I tried all the water slides , included the ones inside the tube! I couldn’t stop laughing!

They even have a huge Warm outdoor pool . It was interesting to be outside in a warm pool while it was winter time! I played basketball in the water as well since one of the pools was equipped with the necessary!


Overall it was a pleasant trip and it was nice to explore both, The Smokey Mountains and to stay at the Wilderness Resort… But after a few days of fun, of playing tourist, I was ready to head back to work in Cancun and enjoy the summer there while in the USA was winter.