In less then 24 hours I’m leaving for another Adventure but this time is the one of a Lifetime.

This week it has been crazy between work and try to memorize over 200 airport codes.

And there was someone … I’m just another girl with another long distance.

In the past two months he has been the sweetest man on the planet. 

Texting non dates…whatssup voice notes. It used to make me smile.

Everybody could see that in me…a big smile.

This past week end he flew here from Florida. We had such a great time. He made plans to come visiting during my upcoming six weeks adventure.

All the sadden, this week…lack of text messages…no words about skype…skipping Goodmorning and goodnight messages.

I don’t believe in the frustration for the search of the job, the one that he didn’t get and the one he is waiting for an answer.

It take less then 30 seconds for a text.

And once again a disappointment. I see him slipping awAy and probably I will never know why.

Will I see him again ?

Will he text me tomorrow ?

Should I be cold ?

I let you comment here…advice…criticize

In the end I know… It is ending…and there is a thing I can do.