My life is changing again and i’m writing this because I don’t want to forget this moment.
Finally I was accepted to start the training as a FA. A very hard training that has the goal to weed off the weakest ones.
I heard horror stories about. You have a test to pass every other day with a 90% score. You have to pass the final exam as well. Otherwise ? They send you at home!
I worked too much to get to this point. I cannot fail!Finally my dream job..the one I wanted since I was 17 is so close.
Emotionally i’m on a Rollercoaster. I’m absolutely scared, terrified. Six weeks and all those tests are a long time. A long way. A lot of studies.
Will I remember those over 200 Airport Codes ? I’m in panic mode. I can’t deny it! 
I leave for Training in 2 days. Once I step on that airplane my life will change. There is no turn back,there is not look back..only move forward with the Greatest Adventure of my life.
I want to read this one day and laugh about and say ” I made it! I did it! I’m a waitress in the Sky and I love it with all the pro and cons ” !!!!
I want new people to read this…because I want to let them know that I have been there and it is ok to be scared.