And so I did. This morning I took that flight .

I met 3 girls on the flight that received that famous congratulation letter . And so we are.

What do you want to do ? ” I want to marry my paycheck and travel the World. I want to be a Flight Attendant “.  I started at the age of 17 even earlier… And now finally I’m so close.

To my parents was ” They are just waitresses!!! ” To me ? I want to be a ” Waitress in the sky “ and there is so much more!

The good news was delivered as soon as I arrived : I have my own room !!!!!!! That is wonderful and unexpected !!!

 Some privacy to study…relax…be naked (eheh ) and Skype with my friends without anyone listening or watching me !

Tomorrow…the first day training starts at 6.40. Early but better I guess so I can study more after.

Let this adventure begin…