As I’m going true this new adventure  to become an FA, love  once again isn’t working for me.

We were miles a part. I was just another girl in a long distance dating. 

He used to give me so much attentions during the day. He was an absent presence that used to

make me smile. One of those smiles that people recognize ” You are smiling from here to here!”.

Unlimited text messages, voice notes on whatssup, skipe dates… I loved it all.

Last time he flew to see me was May 30, 2015. 

That following week…anything slowed down and not because me . I asked.

His justification was the stress over a new job that he wanted, he was waiting and didn’t get.

That was an excuse…. Plain and simple. He apologize but then ? 

Here we go again…The Silence.

As Today May 9.2015  I haven’t heard from him since yesterday evening.

We suppose to Skype tonight but I guess isn’t happening.

….And once again, in my World, in my life, Love isn’t working for me.

I’m suppose to be more of A Bitch ?

I wish I new the reason this time…the real one but I’m just going to move on

It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last but I’m lucky because Hey ! I’m in training to become an FA!