First official training Day. 

The one that got me excited ( especially when I heard that there wasn’t a test today )

It was exciting getting on the shuttle that took all of us to the facility.

New place, new faces, new hopes … A new adventure!
The Pilots are also in this building! I met some yesterday since they are in my hotel and some today. One of them is from my city! This is such a small world!
We are 22 in class . All 22 today had to do drug test and background check.

The time seemed to go by way too slow .

And then ? Paperworks ? And after that? More paperworks!
We all are talking about ” Our Future ” . We can FLY ANYWHERE  in our days off!!!

What an exciting life!!! And then the CRASHPADS EXPERIENCE  … That would be a crazy and an interesting one for sure !!!

Once our day was completed after almost 10 hours I went to get a Gym pass at the recreational center then, 

My trip to explore around was limited to Target and gym.

The day ended up with 4 hours of intense study on June 9.015.