… Gone like the wind.

He disappeared, without an explanation. Did I meant so little ? Really?

I can’t believe this happened again. 

Young, beautiful, smart, attractive…guys turn their heads when I walk. Long legs, good personality,

Always positive, smile always on my face, travelled the world, college degree, independent woman…

And Single

Prince Charming got lost in the woods along with his GPS

Does he really exists? I don’t know anymore.

A few years ago I decided that I was ready for a relationship. I was probably 32 when I 

told myself that I was ready for a serious relationship. 

Sure, I don’t trust mens but I have my reasons. I have been true a lot.

My 35th Birthday is Sunday !!! 

He suppose to come to visit but he is gone from my life.

And here I go… It is so grad now to delete his phone number along with all ours text messages.

Will the one ever arrive ?

I doubt. But guess what ? I’m going to be sn FA and travel the World!!! And I won’t have time for love.

You are gone without giving me a reason and I haven’t done a thing to upset you or so.

Once again my carreer is moving on and love is not.

Should I have known better! Only a year and 2 months ago my boyfriend and I broke up 

  1.  He lied to me.
  2. He used to bite me.
  3. He used to punish me.
  4. To go to work or the market I had to turn on the timer on the phone.
  5. He started to take heavy drugs ( and I have never…till today I’m proud! )
  6. He started to take other drugs.
  7. Wanted me to quit my job.
  8. No more friends.
  9. He started to drink heavily in the middle of the day

And the list go on … Once that relationship ended I promised myself that I wanted others years as a 

Single woman since before him I have been single for years and years.

When two months ago I met F. There was something that was growing everyday. Sweetest guy on the Earth.

Now he is gone !!! I think I’m going to close my heart and become a bitch and maybe that works!