What you don’t know is how HARD  it is to get an FA .

You need to pass a preliminary Skype interview and if anything goes well,

you get invited to a one o one  with other hundreds of aspiring FA.

If you pass the first one o one interview you get accepted at the second one o one interview.

After that ? You wait a week for an answer.

IF anything goes well…you can start a six week intense training with at least 15 tests and a final exam.

You need to pass ( it depends by thecompanies ) with a 90% score or above.

You might pass all the tests but if you fail the final you don’t get your wings.

Day 2  : you have no idea. What does mean when you ask to an FA ” Can you get me a buddy Pass? “.

Our benefits aren’t really free like everybody thinks.

Another long paperworks day while waiting for the results from drug test and finger prints.

Doesn’t sounds fun, doesn’t it ?

If you only knew what we have to go true to be waitresses in the sky you would think we are crazy!

Are we ? Maybe we are ! 

Cell phones need to be off during training. You must pay attention ! Your instructor tells you that. Cell phone on ? Busted texting ? You get escorted out of the building !

And finally on Day 2 – June 10, 2015 –  we were able to leave at 4.00 pm.

My co worker took me and another aspiring FA in this grocery store where, since we were new, 

we had no idea where everything was… Of course after that we got lost with the car!!!

Finally back to my room. Shower, relax…study? No yet! 

After hour, a dinner at at TGIF here I go…study…study and study!