DAY 3 : My New Adventure  is on day 3 . It is Thursday June 11, 2015.

Today we had 2 long hours between watching short movies and his explanation about…

Drugs and alchool and how it can affect our job. About the consequences and what

we have to do.

We all asked many questions. He warned us about something :

Stay Away From Pilots 

Was that even a news ? No, it wasn’t !

Rule # 1 : Stay away from pilots.  

——- > Gladly for me, I have never been attracted by mens in any kind of uniform. I always liked mens in a suit. Professional Mens. 

And we finally met her !!!!  Today we met our trainer. As soon as that happened she gave the news that

Tomorrow we have our FIRST TEST!

That is scary !!!  On what ? Well due to the privacy of the company I cannot write it here . Sorry pals!

It was such a long Study Day  and I’m so exhausted that is a miracle that I’m able to write.

Tomorrow Starting Time is 7.30  and that means… 7.30 all of us in silence in class