Friday in class was ” Jeans Day ” which means : no business clothes !

That is a very nice idea and smart at the same time. 

  • Nice because it give us a break from having to wear business clothes.
  • Smart because it gives to the company the opportunity to see how we dress outside the work place.


June 12.2015 was also my first test. ———> Passed !!!

I take it as my Birthday Gift!

and finally here it comes the weekend . Saturday I drove 1 hour and 30 minutes to Jefferson Flying and drop off two pilots so they could fly a plane.

Around 6.00 pm I went to pick them up at the airport.

I guess no sleeping for me on a Saturday  since my alarm went on at 5.00 am. 

I was really looking forward to some sleep!

It is here !!!!****JUNE 14,2015**** My 35th BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

I’m officially OLD !!!!!! 

Like I said, my gift was passing the test 🙂 

My Birthday didn’t go as planned : *F* was going to fly here and spend the weekend with me 😦 

Last time we spoke was this past Monday, June 8, 2015. I still miss him. I miss our skype dates,

I miss the cheesy text messages and voice notes on whatssup. Time will remove him from my head and

one day he will be just a memory in the back of my head.


Back to my birthday !!!! 

I didn’t go out Saturday Night with my teammates … But others from another airline : Less my co workers know about my life and better it is ! I went to such a nice and characteristic restaurant ! It was a lovely ambiance!

Then we hit two bars on a road where the locals hangs out and not the tourists

The Last one was called ” Fortune Teller Bar ” … Only me could ended up in a bar like that.

——-> I did stayed away from the fortune teller !!! It took a bit of effort honestly ! <——-

After midnight. …. Ops rules were broken. 


Me and another pilot from another Company ( Rule #1 : Stay away from Pilots ! ) went out for Breakfast .

We found an adorable Coffee Brewery  in which, the owner gave us a little presentation of how they brew the coffee and what they have. Interesting place for sure !

After the coffe we went hunting for a new place to have a normal breakfast  and we ended up 

in another local spot for Brunch with live music…a drummer and a saxophonist ! 

I enjoyed discovering the city a bit more. 

Still….I think is a bit spooky and I want to find out about some legends!

Now back to Study … On my Birthday !

Another test tomorrow !