A week ago I started my New Adventure. It was Monday, June 8, 2015.

I left the city I fell in love with almost 10 years ago.


It wasn’t , It isn’t the first time that I leave that city and my friends behind for long time and

by now they are all used to me leaving.

The Difference ? This time is because I want to realize and make it happen the Dream Of A Lifetime. 

Become an ***FA***.

I can’t hide that the training is hard and we have to study a lot. Unfortunately , my leg injury isn’t 

helping much and that makes me so sad!!!

In 7 Days : 

  • New place to stay.
  • New Friends.
  • New co workers.
  • A long Distance that ended.
  • Went to the ER due to my leg.
  • Had already 2 FA tests.
  • Celebrated my 35th Birthday.

A Long Distance Ended :

It is only been a week ( or it will be in a few hours ) since I heard from *F* and I truly

believe that missing him is normal. Afterall I’m human and I do have an heart.

Are the little silly things that I miss about him but most of all that cheesy stupid

ridiculous love smile that I had on my face anytime I received his text messages or

his whatssup voice notes. We used to text so much during the day ! 

There were two things I used to look forward during my day :

  1. Gym time.
  2. Skype Date with him.

Now I don’t have neither of those. 

Time will go by till him will be just a faded memory. Is that what I wanted ? No it isn’t.

Unfortunately in Life you have to let it go what you can’t control. 

The bad part is that we used to get along so well, we liked the same things …

We were a pretty good match ! I even miss to watch him in live stream for the games 😦 


The 7Th Day :

Today we had our Second Test . Unfortunately we will see the results tomorrow morning. The wait is the worst part!

Today, on the 7th Day we already lost a person over the drug test. Failed. 

We watched a video in class and we listen as well to our trainer. Both were about the company history.

Since there were some issues concerning our new devices ( I believe so ) we went to the Hangar !

We sat on it, we explored it and our trainer explained us a few things. Of course, I flew before 

in one of those and I was prepared about ” What to expect ” .

People don’t even imagine  that be an FA. Is much more then be just a ” Waitress in the Sky ” as

many people still use the terminology ” Stewardess ” which I think it is funny…to hear. 

And then in the afternoon I went with a few pilots to a sport/dive bar just to kill time 

and get to know on a social level the people that I will be working with.