Another Day. Another Surprise.Another Challenge.

Nothing comes easy in life.

To set and reach a goal it takes a plan, effort and consistency otherwise a goal is just a wish that your heart makes.

Test #2 : Passed another one! Surprising with 100% . In the end, as long as I pass them, I don’t care about the score.

Will the score matter when you will be up in the air ? Certainly it won’t. 

 **************** UNIFORMS DAY **************** 

And finally today we tried our future uniforms ! It was an exciting moment.

Those clothes are going to be my second skin !

  1. 2 Short sleeves t – shirts.
  2. 1 Long sleeve t – shirt.
  3. 1 Dress.
  4. 1 Pair of Pants.
  5. 1 Skirt.
  6. 1 Jacket.
  7. 1 Rain Coat.
  8. 2 Scarfs.

It took a while because I had to try anything twice to find my right size but at the end, my order was placed!

Now I have to work hard, as much as I can to get those WINGS!!!

*********** Olive Garden **********


Since it took a while for all of us to try the uniforms, we had a long break . 

Me and other 4 girls decided to go out, away from the training facility and we went to Olive Garden!

It was nice to escape from the building since we spend about 9-10 hours here daily.

*********** Birthday Surprise ***********

It was Really Nice. From all the girls in training ! In class I found two cakes ( one was a tiramisu’ ) 

and a birthday card signed from all the girls in training !!! I was so surprised and so happy about!!!

Beautiful Surprise !!!! 


*********** The Tablet and the ID ***********


Today, along with the others I received the tablet with all the manuals and the study material. 

It is very small or at least smaller then I tought . 

The ID . All in one day ! The ID with my picture on and the date of hiring! 

Anything is happening so fast that could be overwhelming, however I have been keeping myself and

my toughts on the ground because I have to pass all the tests and the final exam before starting

to jump up and down for the happiness.

**********You.Still You.Still Gone**********

It has been 8 Days since I last spoke with *F*. I’m starting to forget.

The training is keeping me busy , however , I can’t deny to myself that anytime I hear my phone…

subconsciously I hope it is him. It won’t happen. I believe he knows that what he did isn’t right and

because of that he won’t have the courage to contact me. That should be enough to take away

my hopes.

He is such a private person and love his privacy just like me…however, today he posted something

personal on his timeline. Obviously he was having a bad day.

And I’m not there anymore. I think he didn’t get that job. Before he had me to give him strenght ,

to keep him positive…and now ? Now that I’m gone I’m worry since when things aren’t going like 

he would like, he locks himself into himself . I told him that more then one time.

I wish I could give him the strenght that he needs now…but I can’t because we are out from eachother lives.

Will he be ok ? I don’t know but I know one thing : I need to stay strong for myself because the pain in my leg is killing me and I must get my wings!!!

Still missing him… Sometimes I still watch the old Games in live stream… I shouldn’t .

Miss you…a little less then yesterday…