The ” Goodmorning ” here, at the hotel, starts usually with a ” Breakfast to go ” .

In this way, we can all start to get used to be on the go just like a real FA.

You cannot waste time when you have to rush to the airport  because timing is one of the

most important component for an FA.


The technology took over even in training. There are no more books or pages or folders. You can’t use the

Old fashioned highliter yellow or pink or blue or orange. Since we had our tablets, we need to study on them.

In class we are reading paragraph after paragraph full of rules and regulations. After each one we need to 

explain the meaning to our trainer.

You must stay focus and you must not sleep in the classroom. It can be challenging .

The time is passing by in slow mode. Each minute seems to last forever.

We keep looking at the time and tell to eachother ” Omg! It is still 11.00 am ? “.

From 7.30 AM till 5.00 PM we are in class. Many long hours and days. 

It will all be worth in the end. We all know that.

However , due the large amount of electronic documentation that we have to read and study,

my eyes required special attention : GLASSES ! I had to borrow a pair !


What’s next ? When is the next test ?  Those are the questions that usually we all ask during training.

Next test is this FRIDAY !!!! I have so much to study considering that today is Wednesday !!!!

We also have to draw a picture for tomorrow . We have to pick one of the subjects that was in the 84 pages that we read today in class and explained as well 

I started… I haven’t finished it yet 

After class I went on a 10 minutes run at the gym inside the hotel…unfortunately my leg didn’t handle it well

….no at least as I hoped!

Then one of the pilots was so nice and drove me and another two aspiring FA over a pharmacy and then another store…

Now?Back to study!!!!