A cloudy day, my leg was hurting more then ever, the news from my trainer that they scheduled a Dr. appointment for me… Definitely my day wasn’t bright and shiny but cloudy and rainy just like the weather outside and than? A lil ray of Sun. One of the pilots bought me a gift that I can bring with me anywhere and i love it !!! 


Bad News : We lost another aspiring FA . The reason ? Unknown . As the company explained to us when we all got hired, the company can terminate you at any moment without giving you an explanation. They can Simply tell you ” We don’t think you are a good fit for this company ” . 

During Training : you really need to watch what you do, what you say , how you say it, what you wear. . . When they call you and tell you ” XXX please follow me and bring your stuff ” , you know… That is the end. That is the phrase before your flight at home. 

It is so scary!!!

Test : We had another test on Friday June 19,2015. It was the 3rd one. Passed!

Next week from June 22 until June 26 … We have a test everyday!!!!! There will be a lot of study to do. I probably won’t have time to write my blog or even answer text messages or phone calls. It will be all about STUDY. 


The Other Day , we had an assignment and we had to draw something based on what we studied in class and explain it. We all did it and, in the end, our trainer put them up on the walls of our class


… Unfortunately I’m in a lot of pain due to my leg and in a wheelchair … The doctor today told me I cannot be an FA in those conditions. He will communicate the news at work. I didn’t give up. I went to see another doctor and he prescribe medications….I have only 48 hours with the hope that the medications works . If I can walk I can go to that doctor and let him know…and I can tell at work that I will be ok.

Will I? I’m so scared and upset. I’m so close to reach my dream.