*B* and I tried last Sunday to have Brunch at the MUD HOUSE but it was almost impossible since the line was outside the door.

What’s so special about the Mud House in St. Louis ?

Finally this Morning, Sunday , June 21,2015 the Line was shorter. It was long. But at least the wait was only 30 minutes.

We decided to sit outside since they have also an adorable outside patio. The weather was nice enough and the rain stopped for a few, just for us, just for his last weekend here.

What’s characteristic about The Mud House is that to recognize the tables and the food ordered , they use Animals figurine … Just like the one you see in my picture.

Espresso. . . we both had that. We are both Europeans and Coffee Lovers and I must say that it was one of the bestespresso  I ever had in the USA. The served us espresso  in a small cup European Style with a glass of sparkling water and a little tiny piece of soft cake.

American Breakfast… We both ordered that. Mine was without Bacon since I’m vegetarian . The food was good, maybe I was expecting more flavor due the line outside of this place. The scrambled eggs were well cooked and the potatoes as well. The bread with butter was probably the best piece along with fresh jelly.

After that we just relaxed and talked about anything…of course, especially about aircrafts, airplanes and anything about the Aviation Life. 

Here are some pictures about the Mud House


About the Mud House and a bit of Story


Have a Great Sunday Everyone ! I have to study for my test and take care to my leg 😦