If you read my previous post, you know what’s happening.

Due to an injury , I have been in excruciating pain and limping for the past two weeks.

I pulled a muscle in my right hip and it was a miracle that I have been walking for those past two weeks.

*****FRIDAY, JUNE 19,2015****

Oh no! The company sent me to their Doctor. I agreed to go, also because, I believe I didn’t really

had a choice. He said I cannot continue with training because I cannot fly in those conditions even if he said he knows it is just temporary… So I asked him a question after he told me what to do…

If I heard you say it well, you are telling me that, if I find a Doctor here that can cure my leg and I come back here , show you the proof that I’m going to a Doctor and that I’m able to walk…you will tell my company that I can fly ?

Even if it was Friday Night I found a clinic !!!!  I went there and they put me on a WHEELCHAIR since I couldn’t walk anymore! 

The Doctor saw me , examinated me and took a look to my X ray. He said I pulled a muscle and probably it is inflammed. He prescribed me painkillers and steroids .

I hate to take any kind of medications!!

However I agreed to follow the instructions after he told me

Take those steroids and you will be walking by Monday

I had to trust him. I had to trust  a man. That was my only choice, my saving Grace. The only thing I knew was that I needed a small miracle to happen. I wasn’t going to give up on MY DREAM to become an FA !!!!

Steroids : in my life, I would never imagine that one day I would need to take them. I don’t like to put chemicals into my body. I heard so many scary things about the steroids, however in this case the questions were 

Wheelchair or Medications? How bad do I want to stay in training and becoming an FA?

I want that with all my life, heart and soul. I’m not going to give up and I’m going to ask the company to keep me in training because I’m taking care of my leg and I will be fine in no time

***** SATURDAY , June 20, 2015 *****

Last night I started to take the steroids . This morning as well. I’m trusting the doctor. I’m trusting the process.

I’m not in a wheelchair!!!! I’m starting to walk and I’m limping less!!! However, my leg, my walking is not how it should be and that worries me a lot! I don’t want to go home!

Last night I decided to go out for a bit. You need balance in life. You can’t just lock yourself into a room and sometimes get mad cause the pain. So, me and B , a pilot from another company went out.

We found an Irish Pub full of people. It is a challenge here to find a place that isn’t empty!!!! It seems like a Ghost town!!! We spent time there, talking and laughing and that, was what I really needed.