One day you are happy and healthy.

One day you love your life.

One day you are living the FA dream of your life.

……… And then what happens?……

It happens that your leg is in pain, that you can’t walk and you start to get worse, just after another fa test in which you scored 100%

… And then is hospital after hospital and ER and the clinic… Till the Aviation Doctor tells you : 

You are’t fit for duty . Take care of your leg, have your doctor e mail me a letter and I will release you and you will be able to come back.


They flew me home the very next day. I went to the Doctor, then to get an MRI and then the hospital.

Avascular Necrosis 

I have that. The bone is my right leg is dying . The vein between my right leg and my hip lost and it is losing a lot of blood . I’m risking that my leg could collapse.

A surgery is required.

To each doctor, in each hospital, in each clinic , the only things I said were

Please, fix it soon. I need to go back to work. I need to fly.

That is all I want… Go back in training without crutches or wheelchair and study and get my wings.