My AVN Story and HOW the Doctors WERE going to let me DOWN
It was the middle of May 2015 when my roomate one day told me ” What the Heck did you do?”.

I had two big bruises on my right hip. I had no idea how that happened since I wasn’t in pain. I tought that probably was from workout. I used to spend 2 hours or more at the gym everyday. It was my passion working out, it was my ” me time ” along with my Bluetooth, loud music and daydreaming.

During the following days the pain got worse and one day I started to do not be able to walk anymore. Just like that. It happened in a heartbit. Just like when outside is sunny and all the sudden it starts to pour down rain.

I got a pair of crutches that I borrowed from my Best Friend’s son  and I decided to go to the Chiropractic everyday until June 8,2015.


June 8 was the day I was going to leave for my FA training .

By that date, I wasn’t well at all but I took that flight anyway. Nothing was going to stop me from chasing and achieving my dream, not even this ” pulled muscle “.

Yes, because what else could have been if not a pulled muscle? Even the chiropractor said so!

From June 8, 2015 until June 25,2015 I was in training in another State. I should have stayed there 7 weeks.

During those first  2 weeks i was in excruciating pain. I ended up twice in the emergency room , another time In a private clinic and in the end to see the aviation doctor.

Emergency Room : They only did x rays and they assumed that maybe that could have been a cyst in between my hip and my leg. They weren’t sure about anything at that point. They prescribed me strong painkillers.

Private Clinic : They were sure it was a pulled muscle so, they prescribed me other painkillers and steroids.
I couldn’t walk. My crutches were at home, far away and the only thing I wanted was to pass all my FA test just like I was doing. Every day I was taking painkillers and bottle after bottle of 5 hours energy drink to stay awake in class , to understand and to study for the tests.

Daily Routine : I was using hot and cold patches ; doing hot baths with salt ; putting Castro oil on me; walking with the hot patches; using the Australian cream and the hot & icy cream.

Nothing could calm that pain but I was determined more then ever to get my wings.

Unfortunately my trainer and at the Aviation Training Center they started to be concerned about my leg and they decided to send me to the Aviation Doctor. 

He saw that I wasn’t able to walk and he dismissed from my Duty. He told me to find a doctor, to find out what was happening , to have that doctor write to him so I could be release and back in FA training.

My WHOLE PLANET collapsed under my feet. They flew me at home on a wheelchair the very next day.

I didn’t waste time …


  • On June 26,2015 ( The day after I was sent home ) I had already an appointment to see a specialist, an orthopedic sport doctor. She decided to do other x rays and she warned me that probably there was a vein between my hip and my leg that was losing blood too fast. She called another clinic and put me as ” Emergency Patient ” for an MRI.
  • In less then an hour I was at the other clinic for my very first MRI asking to myself how those things happen to healthy people. Once the MRI was done, the clinic gave me a CD and they told me that my doctor was going to call me in the afternoon after reading the results from the MRI.
  • Later that afternoon the Doctor called me and she said

                                                    ” I don ‘t have good news for you “

She explained to me that. I had an  AVASCULAR NECROSIS and that I needed to pack my stuff and go NOW at the emergency room because I needed a surgery since my leg was going to collapse.

MY MIND : so much went true my mind. Avascular necrosis ? What was that ? I never heard of that before. Surgery ? I never even had a broken bone before in my life. I just started to cry like a crazy, like a little girl. The tought of my hip getting detached and me don’t be able to finally become an FA was absolutely devastating me.


  • I packed some of my stuff and I went straight to the ER . Like my doctor said , I told them ” I have an Avascular Necrosis. I don’t have insurance and I need surgery “. The doctors kept me in a limbo and afer I gave them the CD with my MRI . Only after hours, while I was in bed studying for my training they came and told me they were going to release me. Why????  Simple, they said that they had more urgent cases such us broken arm, accident injuried and that was a mistake for my doctor to send me there because they decided they weren’t going to do surgery. The reason ?

                                                                    ” I didn’t have insurance “

Why they wanted to wait for my hip to collapse? Why they didn’t try to save it ? ” I didn’t have insurance “. Since when the absence of insurance makes me ” non human at the point that I shouldn’t have medical care ” ?

I spent Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 doing researches on what I had, what kind of surgery I needed, what kind of medications were the right, who could have done it and who couldn’t . I watched videos about what AVN was and videos about the surgery.

Monday June 30 , 2015 : I called the hospital back ( ad they they told me to do ) and I asked for an appointment as soon as they could due the situation. They told me that the ” EARLIEST ” appointment was after July 7th but that anyway they were going to call me back ( By that time I knew ” we call you back ” was equal at ” since you don’t have insurance don’t expect a call back ” ).

I called my orthopedic , the one that made the mistake to send me to the hospital and she told me that she was going to refer me to a Clinic because they do not do those surgeries there ( Only a few days after I found out that they wrote they couldn’t do nothing for me because I didn’t have insurance ) and call me the day after.

I wasn’t going to wait for my hip to collapse…lose my job and then even get an hip replacement.

I called an hospital in the city near mine. The Lady on the phone told me that she might had an appointment for July 7th and my reply was ” My leg is not going to last that long. I understand this isn’t your problem but mine however find me an appointment soon”.  

Next thing I knew, I finally had an appointment with the Surgeon on July 2nd, 2015.

The Doctor was very nice. He requested other X rays and I gave him also the CD with the MRI. He explained to me that he wasn’t the bad guy and that what the other doctors did – deny medical care for absence of insurance – was nasty. He said he wanted to help me to prevent that my hip could detach.

We made a few deals 🙂 but I was happy.

FRIDAY, JULY 3,2015 … Only a week from my diagnosis I had my Core Decompression Surgery for the Avascular Necrosis of my right hip. I drove myself to the hospital, in another city and I was ther at 5.30 am as the doctors told me to. My surgery started at 7.30 am . 


I was in the hospital nearly two days. The surgery took 2 hours. Everybody knows, there is 50/50 of chances that this surgery is successfull . I hope it will be successfull for me.

FIGHT : I learnt that if I don’t fight for myself nobody does. If I was keep listening to doctors I wouldn’t have gotten nowhere neither I would had my surgery so soon. It wasn’t easy at all. I cried in my room, in my car , under the shower. I couldn’t waste time…I had to acknowledge what I had, understand well what it was , do researches and take charge of the situation. 

Finally…soon I will go back pursuing my dream 

Absolutely a special THANK YOU goes to an extraordinary Doctor in the hospital where I was cured.The only one that saw me so soon and despite the absence of insurance he HELPED ME and performed my surgery!!! Thank you Dr. P.