Bed rest and weight bearing for 6-8 weeks and bed rest aren’t fun at all. However I didn’t and I won’t let my AVN (Avascular Necrosis) to kill me, to take my energy and my positive attitude away…
Yesterday July 8,2015 with all the pain I decided to get into my car 🚘 and I drove to Washington DC for 4 hours.

Trips and Friends are the Best Medicine for anything

My other friend’s daughter was asking a lot of questions about why I had the crutches. To her the crutches are cool. And next thing I knew…she stolen mines to try them out.

It was a fun evening…fulfilled of laughs and much more. My mind got away from my Avn for a while.

And then today… July 9,2015 I’m here,sitting with strangers,look at them,talking to them.
Last time I was here something extraordinary happened.
Here at this particular Holiday Inn.
And once again I’m trying the impossible…

…and trying to beat the odds.

I can’t wait for time to go by…I can’t wait to go back to pursue my dream.

Countdown is on !!!!