I was blessed yesterday and today with a visit from an FO from my company. It is nice when people you meet in ground school worry about you, come visit you and spend time doing something that makes you happy. 

I believe there wasn’t something better then spend our time today between aircrafts and at the hangar.

Women usually love jewellery and go around to look a jewellery and clothes… I love aircrafts , camera lenses and of course travels!

On our way toward the place we decided to explore a more rural area called Pungo. We ran into a small farm with organic and fresh products and we bought some of them.

 Back on the road! Here we go! Crutches on!

Double Trouble Two (1945 North American P-51D Mustang)


I loved the sign on this aircraft : Double Trouble Two. This aircraft was used in Europe during WWII. It became the first fighter to provide Allied bombers long range escort air cover for mission to their targets as well as their return flights to base.

Originally built in 1945 this particular aircraft flew in the Reno Air races from 1983-1985. It also won the Grand Champion Award at the Sun ‘N Fun air show .



The most famous aircraft of WWI . It was used to train beginning pilots,with an estimate 95% of all trainees having flown a JN-4. The Jenny was the first truly mass- produced American Airplane and it was probably the first actual commercially successful aircraft.

It has been called ” The Plane that got America into the skies “. 

Horsepower : 90 hp ; Empty Weight 1,390 pounds ; Max Weight : 1,920 pounds ; Max Speed 75 mph ; Crew : 2

Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter


British! I love anything that is British! The country of manufacture of this aircraft is England and the Manufacturer the Sopwith Aviation Company. 

The Sopwith 1 played a significant role in World War One, as it was the first British aircraft to feature synchronized machine guns. It is a two seat aircraft  that allowed both the pilot and the gunner to fire! The aircraft was originally called The Sigrist Bus , but took on the designation1 1/2 Strutter because of the strut formation : a pair of half struts and a pair of long struts forming a ” W ” when seen from the front.

It was used in 2006 movie , FLYBOYS, which tell the story of four Americans who joined the French Lafayette Escadrille squadron. They became American first fighter pilots flying on behalf of the French before the United States entered the Great War.

Halberstadt CL IV Biplane


For some mysterious reason, today this aircraft grabbed my attention more then the others. The Country of Manufacture was Germany .  This aircraft joined the war in spring 1918 and served a vital role as a ground attack aircraft for the Germans. The former owner was Frank Ryder who lived in Alabama. The markings on the fuselage ( which is the main reason WHY probably this aircraft sparkle my attention ) represent THE KATZENJAMMER KIDS, an American comic strip from the early Twentieth Century


My purse and the real one


What is attached to my purse say it all about my passion.  The big one was attached to a real aircraft. I’m truly honored to have that on my purse…always with me. It was a gift from an FO when I was in ground school.


My Background Screen On my Cell Phone


The one on my cell phone background is my favorite . A goal I want to achieve. An aircraft in which I want to fly . The Dreamliner 787 that one day I want to have the honor to see and to fly on.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airlinerdeveloped by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its variants seat 242 to 335 passengers in typical 3-class seating configurations.With more than 200 787 Dreamliners now flying to destinations around the world, the positive impact of this game-changing airplane can be confirmed. One airline flying the 787 coined the phrase “The Dreamliner Effect” when describing the significant uplift the airplane is having on their business.

What’s so special about the Dreamliner 787 ?

It is 60 percent less noisy than other planes of its size and capability. Clever engineering features — such as a fuselage made of lightweight composite materials — allow it to use less fuel than competitors. It emits less nitrogen dioxide.And it has stamina. The twin-aisle aircraft has a range of 15,200 kilometers, making it the only mid-size plane that can fly long-range routes, according to Boeing.But none of that really describes the in-flight experience. Here’s what the 250 or so passengers flying today, and thousands more in the future, can expect from this hi-tech ride.

Many the Aircrafts I saw today…big was the desire to fly on all of them…