Once I was a professional photographer, a pretty good one. I was so good that when The Blue Angels came in town it was asked to me if I wanted interview them , photograph them and fly with them during the show!

The flight of a lifetime

It was in 2012 and when I heard that I didn’t waste time. I went to the Doctor with all the paperworks given to me. I had to do several tests and I passed them all. Security is one of the most important word in the Aviation Industry and they needed to make sure I was ok to fly.


How many people can say that they had the honor to fly with the Blue Angels in the cockpit ? I was one of the lucky ones! I felt the luckiest person on Earth!

Ryan, the videographer and I were so excited at the idea of flying with them! Our equipment was ready and our enthusiasm high! 

Once we got there we interviewed them and while he was filming anything I couldn’t keep my fingers off the camera. 

Flying with them was absolutely extraordinary . Still today I say that if I survived to that flight I can survive to any other flight! Inside the cockpit due the gravity I needed to hold my camera pretty tight because it was keep trying to fluctuated in the air. I was looking to the windows from the cockpit constantly….omg those flips with their aircraft! 


Those are moments, experiences that I will never forget and that will make me feel blessed forever. My stomach was upsidedown while my heart was racing for the emotion of being up in the air with the famous Blue Angels.

Would I do it again? Yes I would ! In a heartbeat ! It was fantastic be part of their crew for a short term , to see how they act and what’s really going on in the Blue Angels Cockpit while they fly.

Their training is so hard and so intense that those guys don’t have time for a private life.

Why the Blue Angels Pilots have all blue eyes ? I had to ask that question! I love blue eyes and being there I felt like Alice in the Wonderland ! Believe it or not, people with blue eyes can see better then people with green,hazel…and other colors ! The mystery was finally uncovered!