The famous or maybe infamous day of my 2 weeks post surgery appointment was finally here ( July 20th,2015). Ready or not for that moment I knew I had to go.

While I was driving my car towards the hospital I was wondering if they were going to ask me ” Did you drove yourself here?!” And many more questions.
I had a list of 15 questions written down for the doctor. Answers that I needed, questions that I wanted not to be anymore a mystery.

With my shadows ( My so hated crutches ) I walked toward the door making sure as usual that my right leg wouldn’t touch the ground.

The process was fast . They took me in for x rays which were my main concern. They took me in a small room when I was waiting for the doctor. She arrived shortly after. SHE WASN’T MY DOCTOR, not the one that performed my surgery…that was a bit upsetting. She removed my bandages and she told me 


It’ healing. You don’t need to wear bandages anymore

I didn’t know how to ” take that”. I had those bandages since July 3rd, day of my surgery. Don’t having them it was going to make me feel like ” something was missing “. The only thing I knew, was that I was done playing little nurse on myself twice a day with products and bandages that the nurses gave to me the day I left the hospital.

And finally she looked at her computer . She turned it towards me and said 

It is healing. Look here, this is your bone and they worked on this the day of your surgery. Anything is progressing well. There is no trace of Avascular Necrosis. . But you can still see the part in which they went inside your hip


Hold on. What did she say? I asked her to repeat that phrase twice while I was holding up my tears. Tears of joy that I kept holding. I asked her if I was doing something right then and if I should have been continuing. She said yes.

Finally it was my time to ask my questions. . . At a certain point she told me “All the questions the answer is yes”. I told her I wasn’t done! I’m not a doctor and how I’m suppose to figure out the answers of the questions if she act like ” I’m not your Doctor so I don’t have to answer them “.

She also told me that I needed to start physical therapy on August 3rd and have another appointment with her on August 18th.  With who? Her? No way!

I kindly explained the Deals  I made with my Doctor regarding my job in the Aviation Industry. I kindly asked her to write a letter to my aviation Doctor because since my time with crutches and my weight bearing end at the end of August, I explained I wanted to go back in ground school . End of August is my last shoot for the year but of course I need to let the Aviation Doctor know. My Doctor and I spoke about it.

Well I’m not sure that on August 18th I release you back on duty . Probably not and probably I’m not going to release you at the end of August

That was what she said and walked away…just like that. Cold as an iceberg.

The nurse came into the room and gave me the papers for make the appointment for the physical therapy and a letter for the Aviation Doctor.

The letter was nothing about I asked. She didn’t even explained me about the therapy. So I told the nurse that the letter was just going to get me fired and that I had other questions about the physical therapy . The nurse left and came back shortly after 

The Doctor is not changing nothing and she is busy with another patient

 I opened my bag ” This is my PJ, this is my phone charger, this is my iPad charger…I have anything I need to spend the night here so just let her know I WAIT “

After over 3O minutes the doctor came back . I asked about how long the phisical theraphy , how much was going to be and how I was going to handle it since I was on medical leave and without an income .

I’m not your financial advisor

Her answer was true but she could have been a little more kind with her tone of voice. Then I continued by asking about the stem cells injections 

We don’t do them here!

I didn’t asked for that. I explained that I found a clinic etc… And she said ” I don’t know. I haven’t done researches about them”

Why haven’t you? That question stayed in my mind. You are seeing a patient with Avn and you don’t know about stem cells ? No comment…. I didn’t ask her that question.

Back on the letter for the aviation Doctor. I told her that what she wrote was going to get me fired!!!!

She didn’t care. We started a never ending figh/debate that was going to go nowhere.

In the end? I gained time with the aviation doctor and no because of her of the letter but of course he now wants the results of the phisical theraphy .

Appointment : Oh no! I clearly said that I never wanted to see her ever again in this or the other lifetime and that if I was going to see her I was going to show up there with my lawyer! Next thing I knew…the nurse said ” the patient is always right ” and my appointment got changed from August 18th to August 11th with my Doctor.

Of course…my battle doesn’t end… I still have a long way and I started my backup plan. They see and act from a medical point of view by keeping themselves in the neocortex part of the brain, meanwhile I keep myself between the neocortex and the mid part of the brain since I do have to work and have an income. They are absolutely right from their medical point of view and I’m absolutely right from my job/life point of view. How could I take care of my leg without a roof over my head? And who is going to pay my bills?

I wish I was in Europe , Italy would be better where healthcare is pretty much free.

What doesn’t kill me …it makes me stronger…

This war shall continue …