A few hours after my arrival in Washington DC, my sister’s friend decided to go out for dinner. She had two main reasons 

1 It was her husband last night before a 2 months deployment.

2 It was her husband birthday.

I agreed to go, along with my friend and with the two kids.

Once we arrived at the Restaurant , the two little girls promptly ran towards the table to get the iPads .


Apparently in that restaurant they have iPads that kids can use to play video games.

Of course, I didn’t know because I never eat in restaurants that are franchising. I support small business and I conduct a very healthy lifestyle .

I noticed  that are the table there was no communication at all!  Both girls were playing video games on the iPads and the father was doing the same thing. Eating should be a pleasant event in which you can also share ideas, thoughts and talk but in that case it was all about the technology .

PROS :IPads in a restaurant keep kids busy from running all over the place.

CONS : There is zero communication .

  • According to the National Institute Child Of Health and human development , the average family spend 17 minutes per day together without electronics ( cell phones, TV, I pad, computers etc …. ) . Isn’t that horrible ? According to a large studies, they asked to kids “What they wanted more in their life? “. Guess what? The 94% said they wanted more time and undivided attention with parents and grandparents. They didn’t want more toys! 

After all , if you ask anyone What they received as gifts for their birthdays or Christmases when they were younger , they aren’t going to remember it. We all are going to remember the memories, those irreplaceable fragments of life that shape us, that make us who we are and that make us laugh or smile. I don’t remember all the gifts that my parents gave it to me . . . But I do remember my trips with them.

One of the girls even left the table because bored, before her father’s sweet treat arrived ,nmeanwhile the other was focused on the other iPad play video games .

What do you think?Is that a good or bad thing gave those iPads in restaurants ?

Happy Birthday and Safe Travels Mark



And then of course, we got home and I had to get ready to go to bed and look at my shadow, my crutches. I have been trying to walk a little by putting my right foot down – I can’t deny that – but for the majority I stick to what the Doctors want me to do. I can’t wait to heal…I can’t wait for the day in which my crutches will be just a long distance memory .