It was crowded at the Marriott hotel in Washington DC . We were all watching them in their uniforms and take pictures like if they were Stars. In the Aviation World , the Emirates Crew are stars. It is a dream that so many wants. Became part of them. It is a dream that only A few can. They are extremely selective . 

It is a Mission Impossible to pass each round of their interview . Nobody really knows about the criteria or exactly what they look for. It is very hard for someone to pass the interviews and the tests to earn the famous FA WINGS for a regional or an international . Many try and only a few survive to the elimination process.

There is so much behind Becoming a Flight Attendant. People believe that is an easy process , that FA just serves drinks but is not like that. 

The hiring process and hiring days for the Emirates are DIFFERENT then what I’m about to write. Their elimination process , especially round 1 and 2 are not the same then any other company. 

1 You need to apply online . You need to pass the attitude tests.

2 If they think that you could be a good match for the company, you need to pass the Online Interview ( Many call it Skype Interview )

3 If you are lucky enough and you pass the online interview they send you and e mail and you get and invitation. At that point you need to fly at the designated location for a one o one interview.

4 The one o one interview is 2 rounds . They first spend from 45 minutes to 2 hours explaining to you about the job and the company and the requirements ( so if you do not have them you need to leave ). Then you have an interview with a recruiter.

5 After everyone ( The day of the interview there can be from 100 to even more then 200 hundred people ) are done, everyone needs to leave the room and wait.

6 They post on the door a paper with the names of the people that made the cut for the second round . At that point if you did made the cut, you wait for your turn. You have another interview ( it is always a STAR interview with scenarios ) .

7 You go home and you wait 7 days to an e mail to arrive that tells you if you made the cut and you can start training or not.

8 If you can start training, usually the company sends you some study materials ( some companies also a list of medical exams that you need to take care of ) because the first two days of training you already have a test.


Some companies pay for training, others don’t pay for it.

The first day you need to pass the Drug Test and the Criminal Background checks ( If you had a DUI you are eliminated ).

Tests are different  And it depends by which company you work for. The number can vary , however they can be 19 tests or more! You must pass each test with a 90% score or above the 90%. If you don’t pass a test, the company send you back at home. Some companies allow you to have one retake. Once you pass each test , you must pass the Final Exam :

There are not retakes on the final exam. Even if you pass the 19 or more or less tests and you fail the final, the company send you at home.

If you are lucky enough to pass all the interviews, the drug and background test, the written and practical test…you have still pass one last test on the flight. 

Finally, if anything goes well, you earn your Wings. Every year you will need to go to your company headquarter to renew your FA license.

Once you have The wings you are on reserve , which means that you don’t know your schedule . It depends by the company but you can be on reserve for years.

Reserve :

It means that you don’t know your schedule . Crew scheduling can call you any day at any time ( included nighttime ) . You need to carry with you the cell phone 24 hours. From the moment they call you, it doesn’t matter where you are : you must be at the airport in 90 minutes. You cannot be late. 

If  Crew scheduling calls you and you miss the phone call, you need to call them back in within 5 minutes or you will get in troubles .

I just want to write this to let people understand how hard is to become a Flight attendant .