Instead that spend another day, other hours and another week between 4 walls of my room and my bed, I decided to take a trip and visit one of my good friend.

My friend, her sister and her two little girls opted for an evening and dinner out.

We went to a very nice place where I have never been before called TOPGOLF. It is a new kind of golf experience that combines competition with entertainment. Players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield. Just picture a larger-than-life-sized outdoor dartboard – but for golf. And for a little friendly rivalry, the high-tech balls instantly score each shot’s accuracy and distance.

There is also a mini golf where kids can play. There are tables where you can sit, mingle with people and have snacks or dinner. It is divided in indoor and outdoor. Indoor is where the bar is located and usually that area in very crowded.

I’m not a golfer, I have never been one but one day I do would like to learn. None of us were playing golf. We were just enjoying each other company, talk,have some snacks while the kids were running around.

I was looking at my crutches and wondering if instead that a stick I could have used my Crutches to throw the golf ball. My eyes were focusing on that huge field and all I wanted was to throw my crutches there and be crutches free. I believe it could have to been fun trying to play golf by using one of my crutches as a golf stick. My relationship with those two metal objects doesn’t get any better. I don’t love them but I need them! 

 It was an overall pleasant evening, however at this point nothing and/or nobody can keep my mind worry free and away from the fact that I have an Avascular Necrosis in my right hip.

My main concern is that after weeks on crutches I will still limping. That is what I don’t want. That is , as right now, my biggest concern along with my concerns about my job. I was looking at the Sky , that was particularly beautiful that night.

My friend told me ” Look at the Sky, isn’t beautiful tonight ? ” and I replied

I was just looking at it. I should be there now, up in the sky, between the clouds on an Aircrafts and not here , on the ground with crutches.

It has been a little over 3 weeks since I had my core decompression surgery on my right hip. My time on crutches and no weight bearing isn’t over yet and my fears are replacing the positive thoughts and the energetic , happy person that once I was.

I’m dreaming of the sky. I miss ground school. I miss traveling around the world . I miss running. I miss going to the gym…

… I miss my life and aircrafts!