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August 2015

Disneyworld : Selfie Stick Confiscated!

During this trip to Orlando, Florida , I decided to spend a day in the happiest place on Earth  : Disneyworld !!!  It doesn't matter how old are you because when you are surrounded by magic , you realize that... Continue Reading →


Julie’s Story

Not even a week from the Avascular Necrosis diagnosis I had a core decompression surgery on my right hip. Today, a month and 3 weeks after things aren't great. My last x rays on August 11th, 2015 weren't great. I... Continue Reading →

Tell Me Your Fear.What scares you?

Which is your Fear? Everyone is scared of something and I would like to know what you are scared of ... My Fear ? Has changed. Since June 25th,2015 my fear is to don't be healthy, don't be able to go... Continue Reading →


August 18, 2015 I had another appointment with my Doctor. He wasn't there and I had to deal with 3 nurses. I was there about 2 hours . We were pretty much fighting about my release letter.  That was all... Continue Reading →

An AVN of a pending FA : Verdict Day

And finally August 11,2015 was here. My Doctor appointment was set for 9.45 am on  Tuesday morning. After being diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis in my right hip on June 26.2015, I had a core decompression surgery on July 3rd...barely a... Continue Reading →

Edgar Cayce’s Foundation

Today, was " one of those day ". My leg have been sore for days and my worries about my next Doctor appointment were pretty intense. I went out and got some candles for different reasons and, once at home,... Continue Reading →

A month and 2 days After

Today it has been A month and 2 days After my Core Decompression Surgery on my right hip. It has been a very tough month with no weight bearing and no help at all. Any tasks that was normal became... Continue Reading →

A surprising “PT” visit

I knew this day was coming since July 20th as I know I have been preparing myself mentally and physically . My days have been filled with positive thoughts in my mind and days at the pool  to build strenght... Continue Reading →

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