I knew this day was coming since July 20th as I know I have been preparing myself mentally and physically . My days have been filled with positive thoughts in my mind and days at the pool  to build strenght in my right hip.

Physical Teraphy 


I was outside looking at the building and wondering ” Should I even go inside or not ? ” and then ” Maybe I should have worn something else ” .  I just pushed myself and decided to walk there with my crutches. Outside was hot and dealing with the weather and the crutches isn’t the most pleasant thing.

The Desk Lady was very nice. I was watching her walking Up and down  and I was wondering why an 100 years old dinosaur could walk and I couldn’t . She gave me some paperwork to fill out but I was used to that process after being in and out from hospitals lately. Once done with that she gave me an I pad ! Now they are using IPads to ask you questions… Now I know why in the U.S. The medical insurance keep getting higher and higher …. We need new iPads!

After I was done with the old fashion paper works and the iPad questions… A man in his late 50′ started to ask me questions and after that he continued with his life stories 

Oh that was your first surgery? Don’t worry….I had surgery in my knee and I had 6 months of PT , then I had surgery to my spine and I was in PT for 2 months. My son is inside because is wrist and he has to do 3 months of PT.  They are nice here, you will be ok.

6 Months ? 2 Months ? 3 Months?

  I was looking at my crutches wondering how right would have been to scream and throw them out of the window but instead I said

I need just a few sessions. I have been doing my own Water PT and I followed all my Surgeon directions. My goal is to go back to work and I will

Of course the Old man continued with his not so healthy life stories while I was spying in the Physical Teraphy Room…That was my first PT experience ever!


Finally his son came out from that room and the Lady came outside to get me.

The first thing she said 

Well today we are going to try to walk because according to the medical documentation about you,starting today you are no longer on no weight bearing unless we cannot work at all and you have pain o slow mov.

 I looked at her again. I took a deep breath and I just let go the crutches on the floor and said

Thank Goddess! I was tired to fake to have to use those but my Surgeon told me no weight bearing and I was being a good girl

Sure she started to laugh and told me I did a good job. She made me do a series of exercises and jumps, then I walked up and down the stairs then I walked into a holloway .

She told me I had enough ROM to go back to work since that was my goal.

I almost broke down in tears …. Almost! I didn’t because I know my fight isn’t over yet!

She gave to me a red wrap and explained to me the exercises to do at home to get more strenght in my right leg.

I asked to have 2 more appointments before August 11th ( I have a Dr Appointment that Day ) in which we will simulate the duties on a FA . The reason why I asked for other two sessions   is because the Aviation doesn’t mess with health and I want both, My Doctor and the Aviation Doctor to have enough documents so just in case they don’t want to release me back on duty… I can fight better.

I should have been a lawyer!

It is better be safe then sorry Afterall!

Today, August 3rd,2015  is a month since my Core Decompression Surgery. I’m able to swim in the pool, to shower properly, to take the trash out…to accomplish simple tasks that before the surgery and in the few weeks after were impossible.

I don’t longer have any pain. I’m not longer limping ( which was my concern ). I don’t have problems to go up and down the stairs.

And as today…Bye Bye Crutches! My fight against the Avascular Necrosis is not over but I know one thing…I’m not the one that is going to lose it!!!