Today, was ” one of those day “. My leg have been sore for days and my worries about my next Doctor appointment were pretty intense. I went out and got some candles for different reasons and, once at home, I lighted them up and started the meditation…

It wasn’t enough .

At that point I decided to drive to the Edgar Cayce’s Foundation because they have a meditation room there with an extraordinary view on the ocean. 

Virginia Beach, with long stretches of undeveloped oceanfront property, was relatively desolate when Edgar Cayce decided to build an hospital. A  few people lived there in the winter. But construction of the Cavalier Hotel during the late 1920s would turn it into a popular summer resort that attracted trainloads of vacationers and celebrity entertainers to its smart supper club. The timing of Edgar’s endeavor seemed advantageous.

Today is not an hospital but a place where people can go to meditate, relax, explore, benefit of the library and much more.

I went straight on the 3rd floor. I took the stairs from the first to the second floor to see if my leg could handle then I took the elevator because there are no stairs.

As I got there, I was happy because there were only 2 people in the meditation room. I closed my eyes while my mind went on ” meditation mode ” for work and healing purpose. Sometimes I was opening my eyes and look at the ocean . I’ve always wondering where in the middle of Virginia Beach, that vortex with Angels could be.


After a few I left. I took the elevator and went to the store on the ground floor. I bought a bracelet that suppose to keep evils away and bring me luck.  I need to believe right now. I’m scared about next week.

With my new bracelet I walked in the back of the building. There is a meditation garden which is always empty. I needed to breath and to relax and meditate more. 

I walked in the middle of a hidden bamboo garden . I stood there for a few and I said the magical phrases. The wind was blowing faster and faster and I could feel the energy going through my body.

Then I walked away with my thoughts , my worries and my new bracelet. I was still looking around, wondering if the soul of Edgar Cayce was there or if his spirit was listening to my prayers, my hopes, my dreams.


Once I got home, I was looking for something in my purse And instead I found the little paper roll that I took before leaving the meditation room. They have a basket there and before you leave you can grab one…so I did