Not even a week from the Avascular Necrosis diagnosis I had a core decompression surgery on my right hip. Today, a month and 3 weeks after things aren’t great. My last x rays on August 11th, 2015 weren’t great.

I know that one day , pretty soon I will need a Hip Replacement . That thought at first was scaring me and usually nothing scares me. Now I feel better at the idea of ” Becoming Bionic ” . I joined a facebook group for Avascular Necrosis in which many of them had the hip replaced. They have been my strength through this entire process pre and post my core decompression surgery.  I learnt from them that with an hip replaced life doesn’t end but it continues even with a piece of metal in your body. 


My Biggest Fear was to do not be able to be a flight attendant anymore until I found a story after another one about flight attendants with the hip replaced, just like this…just like Julie’s Story . And now, I’m ready for that moment, for another surgery and recovery process 

Julie ‘ s Story