During this trip to Orlando, Florida , I decided to spend a day in the happiest place on Earth  : Disneyworld !!!  It doesn’t matter how old are you because when you are surrounded by magic , you realize that deep inside you there is the Peter Pan Syndrome . This time, among all the Worlds, I chose the Magic Kingdom .

Once inside, one of the first things I did, it was using my Selfie Stick to take photos to me and my friends. All the sudden two young Disney Crew Members  came to me to CONFISCATE my selfie stick! Not even 10 minutes inside the park and I was already causing troubles without knowing.  They explained to me that ALL  the selfie sticks were banned from any Disney Park because people were using them on the rides, such us roller coaster and since their rides are very sensitive they were stopping! To avoid hours of lines and angry guests they decided to deny the access of selfie sticks inside the park. The good news was that they held my selfie stick and they gave it back to me at the end of the day. The other good news is that I survived a day without my selfie stick.

After my little Adventure – even if it was more of a Disadventure – my friends had to take my pictures. Disneyworld  is divided in :

Main Street USA; Frontierland ; Tomorroland ; Fairyland ; Adventureland and Liberty Square. And of course, in each one of them I did in between 10 and 20 minutes to have my pictures takes with as many characters as I could.

My first attention went to the famous Cinderella Castle  Around the Castle there were shows at different time with music , animations and dancers ! 

Then I proceed to explore the different areas while I was still chasing down the different character to take pictures with them. The weather in Florida is really unpredictable and the good part is that Disneyworld is aware of that. They don’t actually shut down the attractions for the rain..I was glad to hear that because just when I was getting ready to embark on a ride the weather decided to cry a bit. The rain only lasted 10 minutes


Inside Disneyworld anything has a magical mark : from the coffee cups to the candies. Anything makes you believe that Happiness is around you , just like that Peter Pan that never really left you. 

How old are you ???

Is that really matter in Disneyworld ? No, it doesn’t ! You are a kid, you can have fun just like them…the difference is that an adult can go on some roller coasters that small munchkins can’t. 


The nice thing about the Happiest Place On Earth  is that , beside ride roller coasters and watch outdoor shows, there are indoor rides and shows!

 There are 3D shows in which you have obviously wear 3D glasses. Anything seems so real and it capture you so much that when those shows are over you are disappointed because you know you would rather to live in that magical reality . It was a great experience, once again make new memories and watch the shows!

And of course! I couldn’t miss the end of the day with the spectacular Fireworks and the electric parade! Once again, Disneyworld didn’t disappoint me.