I have no idea why so many people want to move to Italy. I wouldn’t do for a million dollar a month.

We have a lot of pros and cons in the USA but I wouldn’t move to Italy because of that.

My journey in less then 48 hours it has been a blend of emotions that I wouldn’t define happy or exstatic. 

On September 21st 2015 I went to an Italian Hospital.  Of course, healthcare here is free, however the hospital was pretty run down. I could see cables out in every corners along with a lot of dust. The furniture wasn’t new at all and people don’t really have a line to see the doctor. 

Finally after 5 people jumped their turn ( And I don’t even look American!) , I was the last one and I saw the doctor. The room was nothing like in the USA. I was keeping an open mind about everything but I guess I wasn’t expecting ALL OF THAT!

There was a small panel in the room similar to a curtain. Behind it, there was a bed. The typical ” Doctor Bed “. He told me to go behind the panel and I followed the instructions. Shortly after he came and told me

Take off your pants

Eh? I thought I might didn’t understood his Italian and I said

What ?

He told me the same thing. I was absolutely embarrassed !!!

I took off my pants and he visited me. He pushed my leg to check my ROM. Soon after I put my pants back on. I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t gave me a medical gown because they don’t have in Italy!!!

The Day After …

As requested from the Doctor , I went to get my X-rays and MRI. The male nurse told me in the room 

Just take off your shorts

What? Again? I guess in Italy they have the habit to see people naked! I didn’t had a choice. 

I took off my shorts and walked towards the table for the X rays. For what I know X rays machines can see through the clothes or anyway he could have given me something! I cannot get over the fact that here they don’t give you medical gown.

PROS : Healthcare here is free , they give you the MRI and X rays results the same day ; if you need to see a doctor or a specialist, the process is very fast

CONS : I don’t want to write them or I will have a never ending list.

I was lucky enough to find a doctor that was able to speak in English . His English wasn’t perfect by any means but much better then the alternative.

Recap :

I got in Italy on September 21st , 2015 .

 In the afternoon I saw the ortopaedic. 

September 22nd,2015 ( noon ) : I had MRI and X rays

September 22nd,2015 ( 5.30 pm ) : I saw the ortopaedic . He gave me the diagnosis and called the surgeon to schedule a visit for Thursday September 24th.

A very inexpensive and fast process but an embarrassing process if you aren’t used to it. Being naked in front of a Doctor ( or half naked ) is not a thrilling experience ; be into an hospital that look like an horror movie isn’t a great life experience .

– Streets



Why do people want to move here? So far I took those pictures. Pictures of non turistic places. Pictures of the Real Italy. Pictures of the unspoken. The truth behind what the media hide by presenting pictures of an idillic world that doesn’t exist. People hear me speaking English and they look at me like if I was an alien.