TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT . Right Hip. – Avascular Necrosis –

October 9th,2015 – Friday – ( I have been in the hospital since October 5th, 2015 )
I went into surgery at 1.00 pm . I was scared like never but this time I didn’t cry. I had a spinal anesthesia and additional sedatives . I asked to don’t hear or see anything during my surgery. I don’t remember much but right after, the surgeon showed to me my ” old femoral head “. After that I was taken to do X-rays but I don’t remember it.


October 10th,2015 – Saturday –

It is a HELL on EARTH! They won’t give me any painkillers here ! What in the world! I spent the night screaming and listening the other patients screaming!!! The Surgeon along with the Doctor and a few nurses came. They helped me to sit down on the bed. My head was spinning . That’s all I did that day.


October 11th,2015 – Sunday –

The pain excruciating . I hate everything and everyone. I have been in the hospital for 6 days. Blood works twice a day. Antibiotics endovenas . Another syringe to prevent blood cloth in addition with another shot. I need painkillers! The Physical Therapist came and she helped me to move the first steps with a walker. Tears were coming out from my eye for the pain.

Note to Self : Never do a surgery like this. Never Again.

October 12th , 2015 – Monday –

Why didn’t I stayed in the USA for this surgery? Why???? The pain is high. I’m in tears for it! I have fever and my hemocromos are low . The only nice person here is the physical therapist . I’m tired of all this blood works. I wanna leave.


October 13th,2015 – Tuesday –

This pain is killing me. My right hip hurts so bad. I’m covered with bruises and black and blues. Who gave those nurses their certifications??!!!

October 14th, 2015 – Wednesday 

Finally today the hospital released me. It took almost 2 hours to get to my parents house. I will be staying there for the recovery then fly back to the US. My left ankle hurts. Why??? It has been hurting for days and I don’t know why.

October 15th, 2015 – Thursday –

A spent all night with high fever. My bed is all wet . I was sweating a lot. Finally I can reach the painkillers I had left since my core decompression surgery back in July. Little relief. A nurse now is coming home to give me shots to make my blood flown and to avoid blood cloths. I’m still in pain. I’m using a wheelchair to go to the bathroom and a stick to hold myself.

NOTE : I cannot take a shower until they don’t remove my stitches and my 55 metal staples. Today I finally stand up in the bathroom and washed myself in pieces. I was smelling so disgusting that felt good to use the soap and brush my teeth as well. 


October 16th,2015 – Friday – A WEEK FROM MY THR

I spent another night screaming for the pain. Why this pain doesn’t stop??? Why??? I’m tired to deal with this. I have fever. Seems like the fever goes up and down. My right hip hurts so bad! The new Physical Terapist came at home. He doesn’t want to let me walk until I remove the stitches ( In the US it doesn’t work this way ) but Monday he will start to come daily and work on my strength.

NOTE : I had to buy an higher toilet seat to put on the top of the toilet because after a THR I cannot sit low. I miss normality!!!!


October 17,2015 – Saturday –

Last night was one of the worst. The pain was so bad that I was screaming and putting the pillow on my face because I didn’t want to be heard on the other side of the world. This morning around 4 am I took a pill of NORCO hoping that the pain was going to calm down. Around 6.00 a.m I took 2 pills of Meloxicam because the pain was excruciating .

***FIRST TIME : Today a nurse and her which is a nurse as well, came at home to change my wound . It was the first time since I left the Hospital ( DAY 3 Out Of The Hospital )***

***NOTE : Today I started to walk with the crutches by myself. . I have goals and dates set. I’m not willing to wait for the PT. He can works on my strength and I work on my ” walking ” by myself. ***


October 18th,2015 – Sunday –

My night was sleepless. It wasn’t the pain this time. Sometimes it happens because I have been sleeping with a pillow between my legs to prevent that those would cross each other. Of course, my legs have been fighting the pillow all night while I was eating a movie after another one. Today I walked some more in crutches…around the room of course. After 5 circles my right hip started to burn.

October 19th, 2015 – Monday – Physical Theraphy DAY 1 –

The night wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t in pain but my body kept tossing because I’m used to sleep on my side and now I can’t.  Today was also the First Day Of Physical Theraphy. He first put baby powder on my right leg and gave me a massage avoiding to touch the bandages. After that we work on some exercises to strength my hip. Some of them were painful but it was a pain that I could handle. Once he was done, my scar was burning. He disagree about me walking with the crutches. He thinks I should do that after my stitches and staples are removed. Soon after he left, the nurse came 😦 for my daily shot of clexane.

October 20th, 2015 – Tuesday – Physical Theraphy Day 2 –

It was an awful night. My stitches and staplers on my right hip were burning and hurting. It was pretty bad. My FEVER is back today. 100.4 . Physical Theraphy was pretty hard. He made me do different exercises than yesterday.