Do they? Do really things happen for a Reason ?

Seems like, people say ” Things happens for a reason ” when unlucky coincidences or events appear in their lives . Nobody question themselves when good things comes along. With those last ones, us, human being, we just say ” We deserved it ” or in some cases ” I got lucky “.

And then? An illness … An accident…the loss of the loved ones … The lost of a job … Losing a deal … A breakup … And much more. And we think ” This happened for a reason “.

I’m G U I L T Y like you. I think that too. I’m still thinking and wondering WHY all this happened to me from June till now. Is it because something better is going to come along ? Is it because I suppose to become stronger ?

The question is WHY ? 

I doubt it is because like THE SECRET, yes that book, tells us that we drow negativity… I have always been a positive person. Positive, with the Capital letter.

So… What do you think? Things really happens for a reason ?