A part of me is not longer “me ” . 

A part of me is not longer ” natural “. 

People makes jokes. People thinks is ” Cool “. People thinks is interesting being ” Bionic ” or, 

I also heard the word ” Robot “.

Isn’t ? On October 9th,2015 I had a Right Total Hip Replacement. Do you know how that feels? A part of me is gone. A part of me is no longer natural. It feels like I have something in my body that doesn’t belong there.

It is still me. I still have my shiny personality, my ability to see good in everyone, my laugh, my bright smile, my long hair, my deep hazel eyes, my sexy accent, my thin body, my intelligence, my long legs. It is still me but then, why do I feel changed

A part of my body is gone. It will never be the same. I feel like the Tin Man in the Wizard Of Oz. Will get rusty? I know I will after 20 years. I will require another surgery. How many? I’m only 35. 

I wanted to live for how long as I could. Now I don’t. I’ll be happy to die before I to have to have another surgery to change my ” Bionic Hip “. I’m Bionic and that doesn’t make me Wonder Woman. I was a WW already because what I have been through in my life.

I feel different. There is a part of me , even emotionally, that is gone. That has been taken away.