Hey stranger! Yes! I’m talking to you. Do you have a Bucket List? What’s in your Bucket List?

Mine is on my Pinterest. It is a never ending bucket list of things that I want to do and places that I want to visit. And so, today I decided to CHOSE what are  the THINGS That I really want the most!

1  I want to become an FA for an international Airline. I want to have layovers overseas!


2 Swim with The Dolphins! I had this dream since I was a child!


3 I don’t believe in marriage or maybe I’m just afraid of commitments when it comes to LOVE. Even so, I must admit, I do want to fall in love and I want to meet someone that fall in love for me, that is crazy about me, that takes me on surprising trips, that buy me flowers or gifted for no reasons,that cannot get his hands off me, that text me every morning and write me how much he missed me


4  Swim in the Pink Laguna in Spain and take pictures! 


 I WANT to Travel the Whole World! I want to dedicate my life to traveling the World. I’ve always been a big traveler and I will travel till the Day I die.

6 Met a guy that does something extraordinary romantic that makes my heart melt, that make me think ” Is this guy even real ?  ” and that makes all my friends jealous. 


7 I want to Visit Egypt and Explore The pyramids !!!


8 Receive a Shitzu Dog as a Christmas Gift ( Of course, when I’m old and when I will be travelling less and when I’ll own my own condo on the Beach )


9  I lived and worked in Cancun but I have never had the chance to do this!


10 Celebrate one Carnival in RIO and take so many pictures! Make great memories !


11 Ride an Hot Air Balloon! I’ve always wanted to do this!


12 I’m an ex model but I have never been to New York Fashion Week as a spectator. I just want to watch the models on the runway…even if, for an ex model, that is hard to do!


13 I know this is a Mission Impisdible but I keep trying and I won’t stop till I catch a squirrel and pet one!


14  Oh Japan Japan! We all have that one special, particular place where we want to go. That ” dream come true ” place that we want to visit. Mine is Japan ( and Salem,  Massacchussets )


15  Yes! I want to do that!


16 If I become a Millionaire I can just travel the World for the rest of my life , I can give money to my parents that have always helped me, I can pay all my Best Friend Deaths and give her extra money, I can put a lot of money toward my best friend’s son college found.


17 Silly things that I have never done and would love to FO


18 The top of the Top!!! Visit Salem in Massacchussets ! Go there on Halloween and even spend a night there!


19 That’s just Romantic …


20 Women are never happy with their bodies…I want a Dream one as well!


21 Can please a guy surprise me with this???


22 Somehow…


23 Go to tomorrowland!!!


24 I ‘m very big into pictures…I want to visit Hollywood and have a picture with the Hollywood Sign!


25 I’ve always wanted to do this…Now I’m not 100% sure. After I got sick and I had an hip replacement, extreme sports that I used to love, scares me a little.


26 Africa! I love Animals!


27 Another Mission Impossible 


28 I love to ride Horses but I have never rode an horse in the water

29 Yes!!!! 


30 When I get old I want to spent the rest of my life watching beautiful sunsets everyday in a warm place from my beautiful condo on the Beach


31 I heard is crazy there on that Day but I still want to do that!


32 I truly believe this could be an eye opening experience. One of Those that changes your life forever


33 Believe it or not, even for my Funeral, when I die, I want people to do this


34  My passion for Animals is a never ending love


35 My life is all about water, beach, ocean … 


36 I haven’t been to as many concerts as I would love to…


37 Of course!!!


38 This will make me the happiest person on Earth!



39 I want people to remember me, even when I will be dead. They might will : I used to take so many pictures when I was a photographer that, I like to believe, people will remember my name and who I was because of it


40 Not having anymore surgery for Avascular Necrosis. Not having this disease spread in other parts of my body. I had already one hip replacement and that was enough