What are you looking forward in your life,short term, mid term and , or long term?

I look forward to GET MY LIFE BACK!

Until The end of June I was HAPPY. I had amazing friends, I loved to workout everyday at the gym and running, I liked my job because it let me travel. I have been so lucky because I haven’t seen ” winter ” and so the cold months in 3 years. I had an apartment on the Ocean. I enjoyed every moment of sunny days on the beach. I became even HAPPIER when in May I finally landed the job of a lifetime. That JOB that I dreamed of having since I was a teenager. And so I left for my training. I was passing all the tests . I was studying like a crazy…and THEN?

Then I got SICK. My right leg got paralyzed . My TRAINING ended before I could finish all the tests, before I could graduated. My entire World crashed under my feet. I was sent home on a flight. I had to fly on a wheelchair .

After 2 different ER and a Private Clinic, it took an Orthopaedic to find out I had AVASCULAR NECROSIS in my Right Hip. I had a CORE DECOMPRESSION surgery to try to save my hip. I spent 8 weeks no weight bearing then physical Theraphy. Unfortunately my surgery didn’t go so well.And without income I had to leave my apartment and sell all my furniture for cheap.

On October 9th I had another one. A HIP REPLACEMENT this time. I spent 10 days in the hospital. I have been doing PHYSICAL THERAPHY daily since I got back from the hospital. I spent a month without been able to take a shower because I had 55 METALLIC STAPLES. I had to use a toilet seat raiser. I had to learn how to walk with a walker first , then both crutches , then one crutch.

I’m still in recovery. I can finally go home on November 16th and I have another chance to start training at the end of November 2015 . 7 weeks of intense study. 

I cannot fail that training after I have been through all this. Finally on November 5th , the Surgeon will remove all my staples…which means I can have a normal shower.

I’m looking forward to get MY LIFE BACK and the Job of a lifetime.

I’m scared ? Yes! Very scared! I cannot fail!