Note : This was from Day 1 till Day 11

October 21st,2015 – Wednesday – Physical Theraphy Day 3 – 12 Days post op.
Another bad night. I had and I have the fever. It is 102 !!!!! My stitches and staplers are burning more then yesterday . I tried to leave the bed and walk with the crutches and all the sudden I felt a pain so strong that I SCREAMT pretty loud. The nurse came for my daily shot and she did it on my belly this time…OMG that was painful!!?

October 22nd,2015 – Thursday – Physical Theraphy Day 4 – 13 Days post op

I still have fever. During the night it was ” swinging ” between 101 and 102. The Doctor visited me. He checked my throat and my lungs. He asked me if I had certain symptoms. He said there is nothing wrong with me. The fever must be cause because I have the Autoimmune System Disease . He said that the fever isn’t caused by my surgery,since I’m 13 days post operation .

NOTE : The Physical Therapist said that my strength is back and that things are doing well. He thinks that, by the end of the month,after I remove the stitches and the 55 metal staples I should be able to walk with one crutch instead that two

October 23rd,2015 – Friday – Physical Theraphy Day 5 – 14 Days Post Op.

I can barely write today. I was able to do PT . My fever has been high all day…over 102. The nurse changed my bandages today


October 24th, 2015 – Saturday – 15 Days Post Op.

I don’t have PT during the weekend. I had another horrible night . My fever got VERY high. My PJ is all wet cause I have been sweating so much. Yesterday I started to take the antibiotics . I think, today is DAY 5 with the fever.

NOTE : The Orthopaedic came home to check my staples and scar. Anything is fine. That is not the cause of my fever. He also gave me the pictures FROM MY ACTUAL SURGERY


My Actual Surgery


October 25th, 2015 – Sunday – 16 Days Post Op 

Bad night. Another one. My scar was burning as I was burning. My fever got up to 103. I was in delirium. It was bad. My pj is all wet. 

NOTE : Finally, today, after 25 DAYS I was able to wash my hair. I had to wash them in the sink,then sit on the wheelchair to dry them.It felt so good . I can’t take a shower yet because I still have the 55 metallic staples and the stitches 

October 26th, 2015 – Monday – Physical Theraphy Day 6 – 17 Days Post Op

This is DAY 6 with the fever. This morning was 100.4 . I didn’t want the nurse and the PT to finds that out because yesterday they tried to put liquids endovenas and I refused. I took a pill to make my fever go down before they check on me. Not sure how beneficiary this cheating could be but i have done it twice today. My Physical Therapist is very pleased with my progress

October 27th, 2015 – Tuesday – Physical Theraphy Day 7 – 18 Days Post Op

This morning I CHEAT again. My fever wasn’t very high but I took a pill to lower it and make sure it wasn’t going up anyway. Nobody knows. Nobody it will know. -19 DAYS till I go home!!!! I miss my friends so much!!!

October 28th, 2015 – Wednesday – Physical Theraphy Day 8 – 19 Days Post Op

Tomorrow is the day!!! Finally I will remove those 55 metallic staples!!! I cannot wait!This is how they look like now


October 29th , 2015 – Thursday – Physical Theraphy Day 9 – 20 Days Post Op – Day 1 Walking Unassisted!

Today the surgeon removed H A L F of my metallic staples ! He will remove the other half next Thursday !

He grabbed my crutches and he said ” Now walk ” . I freak out a little to be honest! And so… I started to walk without crutches !!! Woooo… However, my Physical Therapist , wants me to walk with 1 Crutch for another week. He said it is very important for the posture and to avoid that I could limp

October 30th, 2015 – Friday – Physical Theraphy Day 10 – 21 Days Post Op

The fever seems to be gone for good. My stitches are still pulling and I can’t wait till next Thursday,when finally the Surgeon will remove them all. Another injection of clexane today : I’m so tired of those!

October 31st,2015 – Saturday – 22 Days Post Op

The week end is here. I don’t have Physical Theraphy during the week end. Today is Halloween , which is my favorite SABBAT. I guess, I will be celebrating it in the bed and getting my daily injection of Clexane. 

November 1st,2015 – Sunday – 23 Days Post Op

I left the hospital on October 14th … Which means, I have been indoor for 18 Days. Prior to that, I was in the hospital since October 5th…which means I really have been indoor for a total of 27 Days. My staples sometimes still pull, especially when I try to walk around the room. And they didn’t make my night easy! Ah!

November 2nd,2015 – Monday – 24 Days Post Op – Physical Theraphy Day 11

Last night it was a bad one. I woke up at 3 am because the remaining staples on my hip were pulling. They hurts. 

Note : I still have the staples and I cannot wash myself. Today I put a chair in the bathroom and I wash myself in pieces. I was finally able to shave my legs . Not be able to shave have been bothering me so much! I was also able to wash my hair : it was the second time since I got back from the hospital on October 14th!

November 16th I’m going back HOME! – 14 DAYS ! Yay!

This is how my scar looks today , after last Thursday they took off some staples


November 3rd, 2015 – Tuesday – 25 Days Post Op – Physical Theraphy Day 12

The metallic staples were hurting me last night. I woke up in the middle of the night again. I want this nightmare to be over soon!!! I’m so tired to deal with all this. I’m almost at the end and I’m getting so depressed!!! I just want to scream!

November 4th,2015 – Wednesday – 26 Days Post Op – Physical Theraphy Day 13 

Lmaoooooo ! The nurse forgot to come and do blood works! I’m so happy because I’m scared of needles!

November 5th,2015 – Thursday – 27 Days Post Op – Physical Theraphy Day 14