Calling everyone ” Friend ” is an abbreviation. Some aren’t really friends but ” Aquitances “.

1)The REAL FRIENDS are always willing to help,even when you do not want or you do not ask. They know the            ” real you “. It can happen that someone that you just met , an Aquitance , will help you to go through something hard in that phase of your life,something traumatic. It  happened to me . I met someone on June 8th and that person has been so carrying . I was alone, in a new city, without my car and I didn’t know anyone..and I got sick.

2) Other people claim to be ” Your Friends “. They are there when it comes to go out, to go to a party, to go to an event etc… When you are going through a difficult time, the BEST THING that they can do is sending you text messages or Facebook message or call. They don’t show up,they are ” TOO BUSY ” to come to help. Don’t ever forget WHO WASN’T THERE FOR YOU. —- ACTIONS speak louder then WORDS —

3) And there are the ” Back Stabbers “. Some people don’t care about for how long you have been friends neither how much you helped them : they just give you the shoulders and to have what they want they back stab you. Others can be your co workers that keep you around, smile at you and then? They want the promotion and they put you in a difficult situation to eliminate you. Sometimes ” non nice things happens ” and we all know that people like to talk. Some people won’t care about posting about YOU on the social networks or post pictures of you … Knowing the damage that they can cause ( Of course, they believe that ” I’m sorry ” can fix the situation ).

Bottom line … Don’t forget who is always there for you. Don’t forget which are the people that you can count on. Be always available for those people because REAL FRIENDS are extremely hard to find. You probably can TRUST 100% very few people and you can count them on your one hand. ( Think about and you will notice that is right )They might be less then 5. You might have an HEART big enough to forgive who put you in diffult time but never FORGET their names.

👭Dedicate to my Best Friend because she is and she has always been there for me. She helped me in difficult times and she shared with me the good times. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. And she knows and she always tells me that if she needs help or something happens I’m there and I always be there for her. Like sisters.Better then sister. I’m truly blessed for having such a good and trustworthy friend!