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December 2015

A Flightattendant Christmas:The truth

Everyone thinks FAs and FAs in training have a Glamourous life. Let's be honest here : there is nothing of glamorous ! We spent days in Hotels. On Friday night and weekends we have meetings in the laundry room because...who else... Continue Reading →


The Night and The Wings

Moments that I will never forget. Aircrafts that will be in my heart forever. The so wanted wings. The cold nights spent running around from Aircraft to Aircraft. So much to do and very little time.    

Sunrise. Exploring St. Louis

The Sunrise in STL are heartbreaking. It is amazing to watch the light while take the place of the darkness. Everyday we have new chances, new opportunity. Everyday,when the light comes up, we can follow our dreams and working hard... Continue Reading →

The FA that never gave up

I fought so much to come back here. I fought like nobody before. I had two major surgeries in 4 months only for the LOVE of my job. I'm happy to be here, happy to be back in Ground School.... Continue Reading →

Ices Plain & Fancy

Week 3 in STL !!! Exploring St. Louis ! During my exploration, my two good friends from Virginia Beach, took me to this lovely place : Ices Plain & Fancy!  It was a small place but pretty crowed. I was... Continue Reading →

About Traveling

December 1st. 2015 Traveling is the most beautiful expression of exploration. It is what really makes you rich. You gain knowledge about the world,about other people and about yourself.  Finally yesterday I was going back to STL but I got... Continue Reading →

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