I fought so much to come back here. I fought like nobody before. I had two major surgeries in 4 months only for the LOVE of my job. I’m happy to be here, happy to be back in Ground School. Everybody are so happy to see me. 

What about me ?

My hip is getting stronger and stronger everyday.All that pain is paying off! I cannot believe the things I used to do and that I’m able to do again!!! Now I’m the ROLE MODEL. In training someone told me that, without mention my name, the trainer spoke about that girl that loved the sky so much,that believed in herself, believed in the company and never gave up. About that girl that fought with all her Strenght, that went underneath the knifes just to come back. Me.

What about you?

You. Matt is his name. I met this amazing and extraordinary man. I met him before leaving,before coming back to STL. I couldn’t chose him over my job. He knows I will go back to IAD and make things work even if he lives in PHL. No, he is not in the Airline , otherwise I wouldn’t even spoke to him the first time.I remember our first date. Best date ever. He picked me up, put me on his shoulders and walked around. He picked me up, lifted me from the ground and kissed me passionately. We had breakfast acting like husband and wife while driving crazy the waitress. We walked around laughing and kissing . We couldn’t be away from eachother. We went to Barnes & Noble reading our favorite books and he even drew something for me. We hugged and kissed more and more. We went to Marshall’s for some shopping. It was like we always knew eachother.  We made out outside my car and on my car. Passion,pure passion. . . . And now? Now I miss him. I miss getting lost in his blue eyes, 

The Truth

Sometimes I don’t reply to his messages. Sometimes I try to ” run away ” , because when it comes to the possibility of having a boyfriend or love in my life : I’m an escape artist! Be a flightattendant on reserve is very hard, more then you can imagine … Having or starting a relationship is too complicate. Non impossible but hard to handle for many reasons