Everyone thinks FAs and FAs in training have a Glamourous life. Let’s be honest here : there is nothing of glamorous ! We spent days in Hotels. On Friday night and weekends we have meetings in the laundry room because…who else is doing our laundry?


Christmas away from families. We only have eachother. We went to the mall on Christmas Eve , just to do something. We really couldn’t buy much because you know? An FA paycheck isn’t all that. After going around,look at people in a new city, we treated ourself with a Christmas Eve Dinner : 

Hot Chocolate , Coffee and Ice Cream ( I had the hot chocolate ) from Ices & Fancy


After that we went back to the hotel . We picked up another FA and we went to see a movie. We saw SISTERS , so we could laugh a bit.


And finally after that we went back to ” jail time ” to sleep. Christmas Day was fulfilled with time studying in the hotel room


And of course,we make sure to go downstairs between 6am and 9am so we can get breakfast :

– coffee

– Apple

-Protein Bar

This is how flightattendants spend usually the holidays. The rest of the day was spent in the hotel doing laundry, talk about the tests and the schedule .