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January 2016

To you,ex friend

I miss you already... I will always miss you... We came into the Airline together long time ago ...we were friends,we made plans...and now,you have even chosen to be transferred to a different base because I have a boyfriend... I... Continue Reading →


The Pilot and The Flightattendant : what went wrong?

My Story and Confession. I remember when I met J. The first time. We bonded immediately when we found out we lived close by and now,we were both in a different State. We became friends, study buddies. We were both... Continue Reading →

Comfortable in the uncomfortable 

Traveling is a continue discover about new places, new culture and new aspect of yourself.  Your personality change a little, your view about the world change a little, the way how you handle situations change a little. And in all... Continue Reading →

Love in the sky and on the ground

Loving the sky can be challenging , more then loving and having a job on the ground. I haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month, even if we text all day and call eachother once or twice a day. ... Continue Reading →

Flightattendant and Relationship

Being a waitress in the sky is much more than that. People don't realize that we sacrifice our lives to make sure they get to places safe. We do have perks, such us being able to fly where we want... Continue Reading →

The Wings

Everyone that decide to be a Flightattendant , works extremely hard for those wings. The " Freedom Wings ", an object tha let us travel anywhere but on a very high price when we work : our life fir your... Continue Reading →

More then you think…

There are nights that I will never forget. There are nights,the ones spent on an Aircraft that will be in your mind forever. When your job is your passion,spending nights on a EMB 145 is not hard but the road... Continue Reading →

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