Being a waitress in the sky is much more than that. People don’t realize that we sacrifice our lives to make sure they get to places safe. We do have perks, such us being able to fly where we want but at which price?

A flightattendant can just finish a work trip and if she is not too exhausted , she might can go spend two days in a relaxing and warm place or go to explore oversease. And guess WHO CANNOT do that ? The person Called BOYFRIEND because he is not in the aviation industry, because he already need to have faith that we do not cheat on him during layovers. And so what happen? That a flightattendant works EXTREMELY hard to get her wings, she goes thought an excruciating training, she get paid very low for what she does and she CANNOT enjoy days off somewhere amazing because her boyfriend can’t..

…what if she does that? The relationship will suffer…and next thing you know…it is break up time…again.

Life sucks sometimes…and again…you leave the ground to go up in the sky and leave your problems in some other State