Loving the sky can be challenging , more then loving and having a job on the ground. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a month, even if we text all day and call eachother once or twice a day. 

He has a lot of patience with me and my job and he knows,I love him to death. I was planning( Is there really such a thing like PLANNING when you are a flightattendant???) on flying home this past weekend and finally see him…but guess what? Today is Tuesday and I have been stuck in an other State since Friday due the weather.

Sometimes I’m scared he won’t take my lifestyle anymore. Who would? He is amazing just for doing that.

I have to make sure that unaccompanied minors get to their families safe, I need to make sure that passengers are safe, I need to make sure I comply with all the safety rules in the sky, I need to make sure the old lady gets off the plane safe ( Rule #1 The safety of the passenger comes first…your personal life can sink).… And time goes by and it is hard to make sure from the sky that my relationship doesn’t sink on the ground.

And when we are together, I have to be one thing with my cell phone, just in case work decide to call me and I have to check my work tablet in case some important e mail or notification pops up. On the top of this, I’m sleep depraved and my hours and times are different.

And here I go again, after 2 days with him if lucky. My luggage is ready, my uniform ready and he drops me off at the airport. I couldn’t do what he does. I couldn’t watch the person I love, living for a week or more or who knows. It really require a lot of trust and effort to make a relationship to work,even more when you are a flightattendant.

5.15 AM ... We are on different time zone. He called me to tell me how much he loves me and how much he misses me. We both are in bed, just not the same one. And I’m here, waiting to know if the runway is clear, if I can fly out and since my days off have been in another State,I won’t see him for another week .

Loving The Sky…and yet, I couldn’t , wouldn’t change this job. I never really had a 9-5 job in my 35 years of life and, I doubt I could even have one and be happy with it. All I have to do is keep going,be happy,keep the passengers safe,make sure my boyfriend knows I love him.