My Story and Confession.

I remember when I met J. The first time. We bonded immediately when we found out we lived close by and now,we were both in a different State. We became friends, study buddies. We were both in Ground School. He was becoming a pilot, I was becoming a Flight Attendant . We were getting along so well that we even made plans to get a crashpad together and with other people , since we were going to be based in the same base.


He was my Strenght at the time and I was happy to have a good friend like him. We were studying and quizzing eachother daily. . . . . And then. . . . WHAT HAPPENED. . . .?

>>>He changed.<<<

He tried to kiss me more then one time and I pulled back in different occasions. 

We are going to be co workers. Those things shouldn’t happen in a work environment . And we are both mature enough to understand that such a thing, could cause only problems.

I said that phrase more then once, until one day . We were both in bed, studying and he wouldn’t leave me alone and I’m human. We had sex. 

After that, we started to have sex more and more and we kept it hidden. 

I loved J. But he wasn’t the person I wanted to be FOREVER. I think , at that time I just needed him as a friend. 

As time went by, I had an injury and I had to get 2 Surgeries, meanwhile he started to fly. FLYING as a commercial pilot, changed him.

We got attached one to eachother. He told me he loved me .


I got back to work. I was living in a hotel and he was there too. Shortly after my arrival there, he introduced me to the other flightattendant and pilots that he knew. We all became friends and started to hang out. J. And I were sleeping together , even if, I was dating someone that was far away.


He introduced me to T. She was a flightattendant and we became friends. One night,me,her and others went out to eat and drink something. T. Got drunk and she told me she had feelings for J. Since they SLEPT together. 

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I was neutral. I was talking to her as a friend while I was keeping hidden that me and J. Have been having an affair for SEVEN MONTHS.

The following days and weeks I kept asking to J. : ” Have you ever slept with an FA from this company beside me?”.More then one time he said NO.


Even if me an M. We’re far away,we decided that we were going to be a couple . So I had a Boyfriend. 

J. Didn’t took it too well. However I also told him that he knew he slept with the girl that now was my friend!!!!!

For the following two months he kept telling me how much he loved me, that I should give him a chance and forgive him,that he couldn’t believe I had a boyfriend.

He told me he loved me and he wanted to marry me and that we needed to get an apartment together…. But things were going too well with my boyfriend and I knew , and I still know that me and M. Were going to be together forever.

“I ‘m being good . I haven’t slept with anyone. I love you and I’m not going to mess it up . I promise. I never felt a connection with anyone else like you “.

My boyfriend was away but not from my heart and I didn’t trusted J. Anymore anyway.

One night , he couldn’t stay in his room so he stayed in mine. Things were weird. I wasn’t going to cheat on M.

In the middle of the night,while J.was sleeping, I decided to check his phone ( Wow…he didn’t had a password ! ) 

I found all the text messages and pictures of his FUN LAYOVERS with girls and flightattendant. Of course he had sex with them.

As a friend, I felt lied on. 

He wanted me to leave my boyfriend for him?!

The following morning I took him to the airport because he had a trip and I didn’t . He knew something was wrong but I’m not sure if ge figured out what and if ge ever will.

As soon as I came back to the hotel

  • I blocked his phone number .
  • I made sure his text messages were going into my span filters.
  • I blocked him on Skype .
  • I blocked him on Facebook messenger.

This is the end of what it was a beautiful friendship.

My opinion about PILOTS has been the same for years and it will never change.

I lost a friend and that is what hurts the most.


✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ My Confession ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

The truth is, I got attached to J. I loved and I still love him but I was never in love with him. I was too scared to lose his friendship and because of that I kept sleeping with him. Sex wasn’t honestly that good…at least for me. However,even if I didn’t want a relationship with him, I was jealous. It broke my heart when I found out that he was lying to me and sleeping with others. He was crushed when I told him I had a boyfriend. I guess, we tortured eachother. I truly believe we will always love eachother but we will never be in love with eachother. He is not the kind of man I want in my life.

This is the end of a beautiful friendship,fulfilled with fun moments and events and pictures. 

As for me and T.,the girl he slept with…she doesn’t know a thing but we became good friends.