From February 1st,2016 until February 3rd,2016, I was exploring a new and unknown town.

I stayed at The Black Brass Hotel, which, according to what the history and the legends say,it is hunted. I was in the suite Loraine, which is the biggest one and the one with the best view.

 It was a lovely two floor suite with all the comfort. The hotel was very historical and there wasn’t much of a modern touch…almost none. The people were extremely nice and I felt like if the hotel was running by family members. They had a restaurant and a bar as well. One of the areas was dedicated to the memorabilia of the hotel. Unfortunately,I didn’t see any ghost!

 During my Exploration in this lovely town, I found an antique store. As soon as I saw a dog outside of it, I asked the owner if I could pet him. I ended up in a long conversation with the owner and we even exchanged phone numbers. Her dog name was * Lucky * . He was a 5 months old American bulldog. His Weight for now is 50 lbs. a very sweet dog, black and white . His owner name was Nancy. She was originally from France, or at least her family was. She was married to a Mexican man, however, things, didn’t workout very well. If you ever go there,stop and say HI to her!

Of course, I found a lovely Cupcakes place and I got some of them…they ended up in my suite and then in my belly. The most delicious cupcakes I have ever had!

New Hope has a lot of coffee places and for a coffee lover is the ideal place! I tried a few of them and, one of my favorite was this little coffee shop in which I had Ethiopian Coffee!