It is a disease, it is called wonderlust, it gets into your skin,it gets into your brain. You want to be where you are not. It is a passion called traveling. It is a desire that push you to live like no many can.

Are you ready ? Buckle up your seat belt!

The majority of pilots and flightattendants can’t really afford their own place and,anyway,why would we? We are barely in the house!

We have luggages with our clothes in our beloved crashpad. Are we ok? Not really.

Sometimes I would love and I miss my old spacious room and my walking closet. Even so, today, during my days off I can fly anywhere….I can escape from my crashpad.

I have a layover in TYS and I wish I had one in FLL. I go visit a place wondering where I will go visiting next.

I don’t escape life. I travel so life doesn’t escape me. I travel to explore, to meet new people.

What do you do ?