During my days off, Indecided to take a flight to Philadelphia . – February 14,15,16. 2016-


It was interesting to explore the READING TERMINAL MARKET  :

There are vendors with food from all over the World and Amish specialities ! Fresh meat, seafood, sweet treats, breakfast,lunch, Danish food, Thailand cuisine and much more! Of course I started with a coffee and then got breakfast from one of the places,which was very good! Absolutely an interesting place. Then I also got a dozen of donuts. I’m vegetarian but it was interesting to see that they even have Bacon Donut!!!

 After that, I decided to go to the Mutter Museum to see the interesting exhibit they had there. I wanted to see The Medical Oddities of Alice: Potions, Poisons, & Pathology: 150 Years of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was fascinating to see how the fairytales and the Grimm Brothers incorporated the medical effect into their stories. 

Then I spent a lot of time exploring the exhibit Vesalius On The Verge: The Book and The Body. There were skeletons of many people that died for different reasons. There were babies born with 2 heads or other malformations that were kept in jars and liquid.

Then I took a walk with my coffee while snowflakes were falling down. It was very pretty to see this city in white.

It was overall a good experience to explore all that!