The (In)famous Life of a Flight Attendant is all about TIME . We need to be on time for everything. We live attached to our wrist watches ( You will never see an FA without a wrist watch) and our cell phones.

 WRIST WATCH :  It is actually mandatory to have one. We need to keep track of our time when we are ” Up In The Air” and for the rest of the day. We need to make sure that on our ” Report Time ” we are where we need to be. We need to be able to track the ” check in” time and ” check out” when we start and finish a trip.

CELL PHONE :  If you see us constantly on our phones, we aren’t chatting or texting friends…we don’t have time for that! We are most likely calling Crew Scheduling , checking for updates or changes in our Daily Schedule , we are tracking down the aircrafts, the locations and if there are problems. Most of all… The cell phone helps us with the different time zones!

What happens when we have 2 hours or more layover in an Airport ? You would think we can go out and explore…right? Nope. We go in the Crew Room and we are so exhausted that we ended up Sleeping! Just like today…I took this photograph in ORD. I had a 2.40 hours layover and I fell asleep. I was so exhausted and thankfully my FO woke me up!